Plug-in for CFD

Reaction Design and Fluent are working to couple Reaction’s KINetics Module for reaction modelling with Fluent’s flow simulation software.

Users of Reaction Design’s CHEMKIN software will benefit from the integration because they will be able to use consistent chemistry modelling when performing multidimensional reacting flow simulations in Fluent.

The Fluent KINetics Module will handle gas phase and surface reactions in flow simulations including combustion, fuel cracking and reforming, exhaust gas after-treatment, pollutant formation, and chemical vapour deposition processes.

The integration, to be supported with the upcoming release of Fluent 6.2, will treat chemistry in both laminar and turbulent flows, using Fluent’s turbulence-chemistry interaction models. The plug-in module is a joint development of Fluent and Reaction Design and will be sold and supported by Reaction Design.

‘CFD analysts will now have the ability to use any level of gas-phase or surface kinetics detail in their complex-flow simulations, using a fully coupled solution algorithm,’ said Ellen Meeks, Vice President of Product Development at Reaction Design.

‘The Fluent KINetics Module gives Fluent users direct compatibility with Reaction Design’s CHEMKIN software tools, ensuring consistency for all of their reaction modelling needs.’

The Fluent KINetics module will be available from Reaction Design, concurrent with the release of Fluent 6.2 in early 2005.

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