Pneumatics give a lift to clean wheeled bins

In the last few years the popularity of standard wheeled bins has grown to the extent that they are now used for waste disposal throughout Europe. However, they all need cleaning and this can cause problems for water authorities because of the instances of flushing waste.

To address these problems, the Laros washing system has been developed. This closed system of cleaning retains the contaminated waste in a sump, and recycles water through a filter system.

To be cleaned, the bins have to be manipulated. It was decided that pneumatics would be the best means of achieving this, and Midland Pneumatics was called in to design and develop a suitable actuation system for automatically loading and positioning the wheely bins onto the Laros mobile bin washing vehicles.

The system on the flagship model uses small cylinders to clamp the edge of each wheely bin, while two larger cylinders raise the bins through 90 degrees and hold them static during the cleaning cycle.

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