Polar protection

Boeing and the US Air Force MILSATCOM Systems Wing have exercised an $8.4m contract option to activate Phase II of the Enhanced Polar System (EPS) payload study.

Phase I began in July 2006 with a $1.5m award to Boeing to define the next-generation communications payload for a polar-orbiting satellite.

Phase II focuses on further payload system definition efforts and lays the foundation for future EPS system definition and production. The work is expected to conclude in December 2007.

The proposed EPS would provide protected satellite communications for the military operating in northern polar regions and fill expected communications gaps in areas not covered by the military’s Advanced Extremely High Frequency and Transformational Satellite Communications systems which is now in development.

The US Air Force MILSATCOM Systems Wing at the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, will oversee the Enhanced Polar System program.