Poll: Boris Island

With plans for “Boris Island” sunk, what is your preferred option for airport expansion in the Southeast?

Estuary airport
Estuary airport

It’s a shame that we can’t break down the geographic location of respondents to our polls, because that would have given us some interesting insights this week. Our result was a virtual deadheat, with less than 1 per cent separating the two leading options. Of the 518 respondents, 30.6 per cent selected a Thames estuary airport as the best option for airport expansion in the Southeast, while 30.3 per cent said that airports outside the Southeast should be expanded instead. The remaining options saw 14 per cent backing a nw runway at Heathrow, 10 per cent saying efforts should focus on reducing reliance on air travel, 9 per cent wanted a new runway at Gatwick and 6 per cent an extension to Heathrow’s west runway.


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