Last week’s poll: Brexit — benefits of interim customs union

Engineer readers doubt whether an interim customs union will help industry during the Brexit transition period

interim customs union chart

Negative opinions overwhelmed positive in last week’s poll on the suggestion that an interim customs union arrangement mimicking the current situation during a transition period towards Brexit would be of benefit to industry. Of the 389 respondents, only 21 per cent chose an option approving of the idea, that it was a practical suggestion that would avoid a cliff-edge. The largest group of respondents, 42 per cent, thought the EU would not agree to such proposal. Another 20 per cent saw the proposal as a crude effort to paper over cracks in the Cabinet, while 11 per cent thought it would just delay economic pain. Just 6 per cent of respondents declined to pick an option.

The comments section saw that the level of disagreement between reminders and leavers has barely abated in the year since the referendum.

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