Last week’s poll: Which aspect of job hunting do you most dread?

Almost half of engineers (45.7 per cent) are intimidated by certain aspects of job hunting, prompting us to ask what part of the process strikes the most fear in Engineer readers.

For some, a new year means a fresh start and a new job, but the job application process can be stressful with a fear of rejection and taking time off for interviews being just two potential stumbling blocks.

For 41 per cent of respondents to last week’s poll, interview tasks or tests are off-putting elements to the application process, followed by 21 per cent who baulk at having to update their CV and cover letter.

A further 16 per cent of the 400 respondents cited fear of rejection as being a deterrent to changing jobs, and eight per cent indicated that they’d struggle to manage time for interview. The remaining 16 per cent were unphased by the options presented, opting instead for ‘none of the above’.

Agencies and HR departments were in the firing line in the Comments that followed. Taking aim at both, S Martin said: “Getting past the ignorant HR department staff who have no clue about engineering, and what the specific demands and requirements the role requires and then speak to you as though they are something superior because they work in the HR department, and in many cases are unqualified lackies.

“Agencies who work on a few buzz words and often send you along for an interview with above HR department and lack the basic understanding of the role and its requirements, and often you are sent simply to make up the numbers and among those sent, they hope someone will be suitable for the role.”

Also getting straight to the point, Michael Bradley said: “Having to deal with incompetent idiots in the agencies who haven’t a clue what a real engineer does is my pet hate. All I want to know is what company is offering the role and where it is. I can then decide if I’m interested in working for them. But all they understand is a list of keywords.”

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