Polystyrene for consumer electronics

Dow Plastics has introduced STYRONA_TECH 1400 advanced polystyrene resin, a new grade available in Europe for a variety of consumer electronics applications.

STYRON A-TECH 1400 resin offers a balance of properties for high mechanical polystyrene that makes the resin ideal for injection-moulded parts of all sizes. It provides the practical toughness required by large applications such as TV housings and display units, along with the high flow characteristics needed for the small, intricate parts used in electronic devices. This combination of toughness and flow also allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to design complex, thin-walled parts, while still maintaining the strength required for electronics applications.

‘Current trends in electronics manufacturing are towards larger designs with thinner walls and more intricate design features,’ said Taro Fukuzaki, global consumer electronics market manager for Dow Polystyrene.

‘The challenge for manufacturers, however, has been finding a resin with the appropriate balance of flow and toughness that can facilitate product development and help to lower overall part costs,’ said Susanne Kremeir, European application marketing manager for Dow Polystyrene. ‘The technology for STYRON A_TECH polystyrene allows us to meet this market need by offering a resin with a combination of high flow and toughness unmatched by other HIPS resins.

The high flow of STYRON A-TECH 1400 enables the resin to fill parts quickly and easily without sacrificing appearance. The resin has a large processing window and can be processed with lower injection moulding pressures, which can help OEMs to lower part costs by reducing cycle time and energy costs. The resin can be used with both current compact and gas-assist injection moulding equipment.

The mechanical strength of STYRON A_TECH 1400 polystyrene yields strong parts that resist breakage during shipping or use. The toughness of the resin, in combination with the high flow, allows OEMs to reduce part weight by thin-walling.

For more information about STYRON A-TECH 1400 polystyrene, contact the Dow Information Centre in Europe by calling ++ 800.369.46.367; or in non-European Union countries, call ++ 31.20.691.62.68.

Information is also available on the Dow Polystyrene Web site at http://www.styron.com.