Portuguese government procures 12 EH101 helicopters

The Portuguese government has awarded Agusta Westland a contract thought to be worth between $268 and $313 million to produce 12 EH101s helicopters.

The deal follows the recent announcement by Denmark of its decision to purchase 14 EH101’s for search and rescue (SAR) and utility roles and brings the number of the aircraft sold for export to 42.

According to a statement, the selection of the EH101 comes at the end of a thorough and extensive flight evaluation of the EH101 against the Sikorsky S-92 and the Eurocopter Cougar Mk2+.

The comprehensive range of tests carried out by the Portuguese Evaluation Committee are said to have demonstrated the superior capability of the EH101, and its ability to carry out the most demanding of SAR requirements.

As part of the contract Agusta Westland has built a series of partnerships with Portuguese industry, in both aerospace and non-aerospace fields to satisfy Portuguese government industrial compensation and collaboration requirements.

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