Positioners overcome traditional problems

Now available from Foxboro is the POSYS series of positioners, said to overcome traditional problems associated with positioning technology used in process plants.

The series features modular structure, upgradeable electronics, easy installation and start-up, IP-65 and Nema 4X enclosures, plus up to 60% less air consumption than conventional electro-pneumatic positioners. Also important for processing applications is the use of housing pressurisation. All POSYS positioners are continuously rinsed with fresh process air, which moderates internal temperature and helps protect against environmental gases, humidity and airborne particles.

One of the series, the SRD991 intelligent pneumatic positioner, operates pneumatic valve actuators from control systems and electronic controllers with a choice of process automation protocols including Hart, FoxCom, Foundation Fieldbus H1 and Profibus-PA. It is also said to provide automatic valve, improved control performance, reduced maintenance costs and multiple built-in options.

The SRD970 positioner offers analogue, digital and intelligent capabilities, while the SRI990 analogue model offers fast start-up and easy adjustment via switches and potentiometers for rapid solutions to process demands.

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