Post mix syrup dispense monitoring

Titan Enterprises, the flowmeter manufacturer that specializes in flow sensors for monitoring soft drinks, beer and other beverage blending and dispensing systems, has developed a low-cost battery powered totaliser for monitoring the ‘Post Mix’ syrups used in bar or cellar dispense systems. Batches of these new Titan METRA-SUM units are already being delivered to major suppliers of syrups and bar blending systems, to provide a separate independent record of the quantities of the different syrups delivered, for bar management and dispense machine monitoring.

The Titan METRA-SUM unit uses a positive displacement flowmeter, an Oval Gear meter, which gives good measurement accuracy, independent of syrup viscosity or temperature, and a wide flow rangeability, from 0.15 to 4 Litres/min. The 6 digit totaliser display shows the volume dispensed, in litres, enabling the supplier to monitor the total syrup usage in that supply line.

Fitted as standard with 0.5” John Guest push-in fittings, or 0.5” male threads for the flow line connections, the METRA-SUM unit uses a food grade polyethersulphone moulded plastic body with food grade silicon seals. Other materials in the internal rotating oval gears are approved for food use, constructed from PEEK. The externally mounted electronic flow sensor is driven by PTFE encapsulated magnets. Further models in the range are planned, such as battery powered units providing both flow rate and total, and with electronic outputs for remote monitoring.

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