Posters talk back

Research teams at the Mid Sweden University have developed talking paper that can be used in advertising hoardings to stream sound from printed speakers when part of the display is touched.

The researchers from the forestry industry research programme Fibre Science and Communication Network (FSCN) are working on the fourth generation of paper products that can communicate with computers.

‘This integrates paper with the digital world. We combine paper with printed graphic codes and electronically conductive ink that is engineered to be sensitive to pressure. Then digital information is embedded in the paper, and when it is touched, the information comes out via printed speakers,’ said Mikael Gulliksson, project leader for media technology in the comprehensive research project.

A large demonstration display board has already been produced. When the person touches a picture or text, he or she hears the audiovisual advertising message.

Applications could be for advertising campaigns, marketing, and events. Other possible areas are product displays in stores.

The same technology has been used in a prototype for a music display board on which a number of music albums are printed directly on paper. A sample of the music on sale is played when the display is touched

This new display technology is inexpensive and can be recycled after use.