PowderJect invests £85 million in Liverpool site

PowderJect Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading vaccine companies, has announced a major £85 million investment programme at its facilities in Liverpool.

According to PowderJect, the programme, which is supported by the Northwest Development Agency (NWDA), will greatly enhance and expand the company’s vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities.

Over the next five years the investment will significantly increase PowderJect’s industrial capacity in both primary and secondary manufacture, particularly for the company’s flu and travel vaccines.

The programme will also expand the development capabilities on the Liverpool site, ensuring the efficient scale-up of R&D pipeline products into full commercial manufacture.

The NWDA is contributing approximately £20 million to PowderJect’s investment programme. As part of the facility development PowderJect will enter a lease agreement with the developer, Intercity, who will also invest approximately £20 million, with the overall investment totalling up to £85 million by 2008.

‘Our site has already benefited from approximately £70 million of investment over the last five years, and this new commitment will underpin the ongoing expansion and enhancement of the facilities,’ said Dr Paul R. Drayson, Chief Executive of PowderJect.