Power supply sports remote diagnostics

The Oracle 500P-28 switch-mode power supply from UK-based Bulgin Power Source incorporates remote diagnostics and power-management facilities.

The Oracle 500P-28 switch-mode power supply from Lincoln based BulginPower Source incorporates remote diagnostics and power-management facilities.

Suited to battery-backed applications in the telecommunications, networking, industrial control and utilities sectors, the 560W stand-alone unit provides a 28V main output for powering the load, a 27V battery charging output and a 12V auxiliary output.

Via the built-in RS232 serial interface, the system operator can carry out remote adjustment of parameters such as battery charging rate, battery low and undervoltage lockout operating points, as well as interrogating the unitfor a large number of real-time operating conditions, including PSU temperature, battery life, elapsed charging time and battery energy level.

The Oracle 500P-28 also offers a comprehensive battery test facility, which allows remote checking for faulty cells and impaired hold-up performance.

Initiated automatically at user-definable intervals or manually via the RS232 port, the battery test mode automatically disconnects the charger and applies an internal DC load.

The minimum start voltage, duration of the test and maximum permissible battery voltage deviation are preset according to battery size and can also be configured by the user via the RS232 port.

Capable of float charging a 24V lead-acid backup battery, the Oracle unit uses parallel diodes to enable the battery in the event of mains failure.

Featuring a universal input voltage range of 90 to 264V at 45 to 66Hz, the PSU meets the requirements of the EN60950 LVD-safety directive, as well as the EN50081-2/EN50082-2 standards for EMC emissions and immunity.

The Oracle 500P-28 has overall dimensions of 320 x 235 x 70mm, weighs 2.8kg and is capable of operating in ambient temperatures from -10C to +50C.

A detailed datasheet on the Oracle power supply can be found at the Bulgin Power Source website.

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