Power to the people

Artesyn Technologies has announced the launch of a compact 10W AC/DC open-frame power supply.

The new NLP150L has a small 3.8×7.8in footprint and a height of just 1.26in, enabling it to fit easily on a 1U high Shelf. The unit is power factor corrected to meet the forthcoming EN61000-3-2 standard and is available with one to four outputs.

The multiple output versions feature two high current, low voltage channels that support current sharing, and are specifically designed for powering next-generation networking equipment with a heavy logic content, such as access concentrators and shared media hubs.

The NLP150L series offers a choice of multiple output versions to help support the industry transition from 5V to 3.3V logic. This provides designers with considerable flexibility when implementing logic circuitry that demands different operating voltages, and also offers them a migrant path for future designs, claims the company.

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