Powerful argument

A Design Engineer writes in praise of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

I recently received an e-mail informing me of the agenda for Engine Expo 2005, due to start on 1 June.

I find it somewhat puzzling that although the fantastic eco-friendly Toyota Prius Hybrid will be defending its Engine of the Year award, having won four out of 12 categories, the majority of this year’s entrants are aimed at performance rather than fuel economy and environmental awareness.

In an era when the environment is so important and oil prices are rocketing, out of almost 60 entrants this year 23 contenders are in the three-litre plus categories — 14 of which are over four litres and only eight are under 1.8 litres.

Surely the manufacturers should now be making and showcasing engines like Toyota?

After all we have the available technology. I’m sure the already gargantuan gap between GM and Toyota will be getting even wider.

Keep up the good work, Toyota.

Simon Wright

Design Engineer

JCB Landpower

Cheadle, Staffs