Powerful controller is claimed the World’s most advanced

This month, Eurotherm will launch a powerful new temperature and process controller, called the Model 2704, this instrument is a high accuracy, high stability controller available in a single, dual or three loop format.

The controllers feature a bright 120 x 160 pixel electroluminescent display on which all the process information is displayed. The user interface is menu driven via the display and 7 front panel keys, providing flexibility and ease of operation. There is an innovative self-correcting input circuit to preserve the instrument calibration accuracy. This maximises accuracy and performance during warm up and changes in ambient temperature.

Automatic tuning simplifies the commissioning procedure by performing a one shot tune to calculate the optimum PID and cutback values for each loop. Configuration is achieved either by front panel interface or by using Eurotherm’s proprietory tools configuration package. Each loop can be further optimised by gain scheduling, which can be used to automatically transfer control between up to three sets of PlD values.

The 2704 will be able to store up to 50 programs with a maximum of 500 segments, allowing control loop setpoints to follow a predetermined series of ramp and dwell segments. Each program may profile up to three separate variables with each connected to its own control loop. Alternatively, one profile may be assigned to more than one loop.

The override control algorithm provides automatic switching from workpiece control to chamber temperature control as conditions require. It will also control on the chamber thermocouple if the workpiece temperature varies from the chamber temperature.

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