PowerMILL speeds Jensen on its way

One of the undoubted stars of the Birmingham Motor Show was the new Jensen sports car. The new car certainly lived up to the expectations of the Jensen marque, and its appearance owed much to Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM software.

The driving force behind the reintroduction of the Jensen are two Midlands businessmen, Keith Rauer and Robin Bowyer, the joint managing directors of Creative Group, who acquired the rights to the Jensen marque at the beginning of 1998. They had drawn together a talented team of designers, and the project was progressing well. With only three months until the planned launch, work was about to start on machining the patterns needed to manufacture the body panels for the prototype car. At that point, the programmer who was to be responsible for producing all the NC data left the company.

With no time to recruit a replacement, Keith Rauer turned to his son Chris, who had been upgrading the company’s IT systems during a year out from university. Despite having no previous experience of NC programming, he still managed to generate all the CAM data needed to produce patterns for all the body panels in time for the car to make its scheduled appearance at the Motor Show.

Chris is the first to admit that his achievement was only possible because of the company’s PowerMILL software. `PowerMILL is so easy to use that I could produce programs immediately after completing the basic training course,’ he says. `Admittedly, I had to use the ViewMILL simulation module to check most of my initial efforts, but after a short time I found that I was consistently able to generate successful programs at the first attempt.’

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