Pratt & Whitney puts spare parts on the web

Aeroengines heavyweight Pratt & Whitney has announced plans for an online spares procurement and information service. The company will create a portal allowing customers to view and buy parts electronically, and give them online access to service and repair manuals.

The portal will contain more than 400,000 pages of information covering some 250,000 parts.

The system will be based on CommerceSight, the XML-based package from web technology provider Enigma.Pratt & Whitney expects the portal to bring benefits to its customers in two main areas: First it will simplify the mass of complex service and repair information into a format that can be intelligently searched and easily navigated.

Second it will reduce equipment downtime as customers use the portal to speed up the replacement and repairs process, bringing knock-on cost benefits to their own operations. Aftermarket support is emerging as one area where e-business can deliver a rapid and quantifiable return on investment. Enigma, which specialises in content-driven e-business for equipment aftermarkets, has added Pratt & Whitney to an impressive list of customers that already features some of the world’s biggest equipment manufacturers, including Rolls-Royce, General Electric and Perkins.

Enigma’s European marketing manager, Graham Wylie, said: ‘The firms we deal with realise that investment in content is a strong proposition, because it can make a big difference at the sharp end – down on the workshop floor.

‘As an equipment manufacturer, the way you can add value for your customers is to help them keep your equipment working more efficiently, more of the time,’ said Wylie.

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