Predicting acoustics from a CAD model

Cat/Sysnoise from LMS International embeds Sysnoise – a leading acoustic prediction tool – into Catia. Cat/Sysnoise allows you to predict acoustic performance directly from a CAD model without the need to wait for the formal engineering analysis phase of the product development process. Armed with that information you can make better informed concept level decisions, examine more candidate designs and avoid flawed concepts altogether. LMS has simplified modelling procedures and eliminated unnecessary data interfacing and exchange so that Cat/Sysnoise will make sound field prediction more practical for the entire engineering community. Expert acoustic engineers will benefit from the automated frequency-dependent meshing from the CAD model, which significantly reduces the time spent on the creation of dedicated acoustic models. At the same time, non-experts will benefit from the automated procedures that intelligently reduce the time and effort for a quick look analysis.

Cat/Sysnoise users will be able to associate the Sysnoise vibro-acoustic attributes to the Catia Design and Analysis entities and will take full advantage of the Catia automatic meshers for acoustic and structural analysis. This will assure design associativity throughout the vibro-acoustic development process: changes in the CAD model will be directly reflected in the Sysnoise acoustic model, as well as in the Elfini structural analysis model. On top of the considerable time gain, the Catia users also benefit from a familiar user interface.

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