Pressure switch for harsh environments

Bourdon Sedeme has introduced a rugged, programmable digital pressure switch,
designed for industrial processes.

Bourdon Sedeme has introduced the TED50, a rugged, programmable digital pressure switch, which has been designed for industrial processes.

Accurate to +/-0.5% at 20°C, the switch is able to measure absolute pressure in the ranges 0 to 1 bar and 0 to 40 bar or relative pressure and vacuum in the ranges -1 to 0 bar and 0 to 400 bar.

With its built-in microprocessor, the TED50 can be configured in situ. Using an integral, sealed keypad the user can access five different operating functions: Triggering point at two independent thresholds; hysteresis value of each adjustable threshold; threshold active state for alarm configuration; zero setting; parameter self-test; and protection of settings with a four digit code. The breaking capacity of the micro-switches is 400mA without polarity at 60V DC or 40V AC, and optional 4-20mA analogue and RS 485 digital outputs enable the switch to operate in a variety of modes. A clear four-digit LED display also gives a visual indication of the fluid pressure.

Current trials include Modbus protocol, with Pofibus PA and other industry standard protocols planned for the future. The TED50 can operate on an unregulated power supply of between 18 and 24V DC and it is protected against polarity reversal. Power consumption is 20mA at 24 V.


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