Preventing accidental tripping

Bivar has introduced the Gen II cPCI-E3 series of locking ejectors for Compact PCI enclosures and bus systems.

A new design in the ejectors surface geometry eliminates the potential for unintentional tripping of the hot-swap switch in a cPCI enclosure.

Other enhancements include a positive audible and tactile ‘click’ when the ejector is engaged, or placed in the locked position, and a smooth, narrower profile lever design that won’t pinch fingers or catch surrounding PCBs or other cage hardware.

Secure engagement is assured by a force rating of over 60 pounds, while a distinctive red push-button located on the top surface of the ejector facilitates easy insertion and extraction.

Bivar’s GenII cPCI-E3 ejectors are compatible with 6U and 3U cards in both 4HP through 8HP widths. They can be supplied with or without hot-swap micro-switches and provide ESD and polarity keying. Standard models are available in black with a red button or can be ordered in custom colours to facilitate branding or coding.

The ejectors are also available pre-assembled onto Bivar’s cPCI faceplates, including LED indicators. GenII cPCI-E3 ejectors are priced from $2.40 each in production quantities and are immediately available from stock.

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