Previous poll: the implications of cheaper oil

The oil price has been falling steeply for the past few weeks. Might this endanger investment in nuclear and renewable energies, and should steps be taken to protect this investment in case of future oil price volatility?


A clear majority – 51 per cent – of the 490 respondents to our last poll of 2014 thought that low carbon energy technologies were so important that they should be protected from the effects of a low oil price by government intervention to prop up investment. However, 34 per cent thought that oil prices were so volatile rhast there was no need for intervention;any dip would inevitably be temporary. A small proportion, 8 prer cent, thought that the benefits of a low oil price would outweigh any problems, while 3 per cent thought that if oil prices fell, it would be right that investment in fossil-fuel alternatives should follow suit. Another 3 per cent declined to pick an option.

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