Prism Helicopters adopts Iridium satellites

Prism Helicopters has chosen to adopt the Iridium satellite system for tracking, voice and text messaging in its fleet.


To enable the system, Vancouver-based Prism has decideded to equip its MD 500 and AS 350 helicopters, with Sky Connect’s TRACKER and Mission Managing Units (MMU).


The Iridium tracking device is said to enable Prism to reposition helicopters more quickly and improve the management of its fleet. The helicopters operate mainly in the forestry and mineral exploration industries.


The Sky Connect platform fully complies with Canadian regulations, which require aircraft used in forestry contracts to be fitted with automated flight following (AFF) equipment.


‘More and more helicopter fleets are leveraging the benefits of Iridium’s seamless global coverage and reliable high-quality voice and data links,’ said Greg Ewert, executive vice-president of Iridium Satellite.

Sky Connect’s AFF system uses Iridium’s 66 satellites to track aircraft across the world. When connected to an aircraft’s GPS, Sky Connect’s tracking system can report all of the helicopter’s flight information, including its speed, altitude and direction.