Process calibrator with Hart

A documenting process calibrator from Fluke has been designed for calibrating, maintaining and troubleshooting Hart instrumentation including temperature and pressure transmitters. The product is claimed to be rugged and reliable for use in the industrial environment.

Jos Meinema, the company’s European marketing manager, claims that the 744 series calibrator incorporates more device-specific command support than any other Hart field calibrator. The 744 can now change temperature sensor configuration and temperature sensor wire configuration for supported devices, which include equipment from Foxboro, Yokogowa, Siemens Moore and ABB. It supports all Hart universal and common practice commands so the user will be able to work with all Hart devices.

The product offers simultaneous source and measurement capabilities for all common process parameters and includes a serial interface for two-way communication with popular PC-based instrumentation management applications. Handling of fast-pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs, with pulses as short as 1 msec are possible with the 744.