Process controllers sport text messaging

Eurotherm’s 3000 series of temperature/process controllers sport a new text display feature that provides operators with a fully customisable ‘message centre’.

Eurotherm has introduced a new family of temperature/process controllers called the 3000 Series.

Designed to be compatible with the company’s 2000 Series controller family, the four units sport a new text display feature that provides operators with a fully customisable ‘message centre’, which displays the exact name and function of any parameter being set, saving on commissioning time.

An ‘Auto-Help’ facility associated with every parameter means that a printed manual is not required as a reference. If a user scrolls to a parameter and waits for a few seconds, the description of that parameter will scroll across the display in the language of choice. Four different language drivers, available for English, French, German or Italian, can be downloaded from the Internet.

There are four models in the new 3000 Series – the 3116 and 3216 (both 1/16 DIN front panel size) the 3508 (1/8 DIN) and 3504 (1/4 DIN).

Model 3216, with an overall depth of just 90mm, has been designed primarily with machine builders and OEMs in mind. The instrument offers high accuracy input, four on-board process recipes and Eurotherm’s patented ‘Instant Accuracy’ system. The unit also has three additional input/output sites, which provide combinations of digital input, output, logic and relay. These are configurable for heating, cooling,internal events and alarms.

Other 3216 features include a universal input, universal power supply, the ability to download custom input curves, digital communications, and IP65 rating. This model may also utilise a current transformer input to continuously monitor load current (used to detect fault conditions and provide alarm outputs).

The model 3116 is identical physically, but offers slightly fewer features.

The two 3500 Models (3508 and 3504) have been specifically designed for high-accuracy, single loop control applications. Examples of these would include furnace control, heat treatment, environmental chambers, or critical batch production processes in the chemical, food, brewing, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Accuracy is maintained using an advanced control algorithm and high resolution input, which together give virtually ‘straight line’ control.

These instruments provide a number of programming facilities for the control of complex processes, and can store up to 50 setpoint programs.

The units use a range of built-in standard function blocks, enabling them to replace other process control components such as timers, programmable controllers and single loop temperature controllers. In the same way, special machine control functions can be created by connecting analogue and digital parameters to the control loops, either directly or by using a selection of mathematical and logical functions.

3500 models also have a quick start configuration feature that enables the user to configure each unit in seconds rather than minutes. Each can be programmed manually from the front panel, digitally using a remote network or Internet link, or locally by using a dedicated infrared port on the front panel. Optionally, they can be set up for Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, or DeviceNet digital communications, allowing connection to other Eurotherm products, supervisory computers or PLCs.

All four models in the new 3000 Series are fully supported by a new version of Eurotherm’s iTools configuration software. This now uses a ‘wizard’ approach to simplify configuration and commissioning tasks, and can reproduce the complete configuration of any controller via digital communications links or the infrared port.

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