Process industries benefit from e-commerce

Aspen Technology has released what it terms a ‘net marketplace offering’ that enables process industries to benefit through better collaboration in the networked economy.

Using Aspen Marketplace Solution, process companies will be able to create private and public marketplaces that integrate real-time information from their manufacturing operations to support collaborative business processes with their customers, vendors and trading partners. The offering enables process manufacturers to extend the benefits of supply chain and enterprise optimisation solutions outside the walls of their enterprises into the networked economy.

The Aspen solution incorporates the technology needed to build next generation e-business marketplaces including a commerce engine and a collaboration platform. Technology exists for procurement, catalogue aggregation, negotiated commerce and content management with a collaboration platform focused on process industry work processes.

‘In new economy business models, customers expect real-time responses to their questions and requirements. In order to compete effectively, process manufacturers need the agility, knowledge and operational infrastructure that enables them to respond efficiently,’ said Larry Evans, chairman and (pictured). ‘In the process industries, this means implementing integrated solutions that allow companies to access knowledge from allows process manufacturers to collaborate with their strategic customers and suppliers and enables them to make faster, more accurate, and profitable decisions based on real-time data from their supply chain and manufacturing systems.’

The commerce engine incorporates BroadVision’s personalised e-business and commerce technology and Moai’s online negotiation solution. The Marketplace Solution also incorporates technology from other alliance partners including IBM and Extricity Software.