Processors target digital imaging

Intel has unveiled two microprocessors that it has developed in co-operation with Xerox Corporation specifically for the document imaging market.

The Intel MXP5800 and Intel MXP5400 digital media processors are designed to perform complex tasks required in mid-range and high-end digital imaging products such as digital copiers, scanners, printers and multifunction devices.

The MXP5800 incorporates a scalable array of eight compute engines that combine data-flow-driven processors and specialised hardware accelerators, while the MXP5400 contains four compute engines. The multiple compute engines inside the processors are independently programmable; thus, each can perform a different operation in parallel.

The programmability of the devices allows manufacturers to add new features and capabilities via software during the design cycle, or as an upgrade, after the products are already in use. Manufacturers can also use the MXP5800 and MXP5400 across multiple product lines.

Designers can purchase an Intel MXP5800 digital media processor development kit for $2,995. It includes the new digital media processor, a PCI development card, programming tools, sample code and documentation.

The MXP5800 is priced at $68 in quantities of 10,000, while the MXP5400 is priced at $51 in quantities of 10,000. Both will be available in volume by the end of the year.

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