Producing a perfect pizza base every time

Successful pizza bases depend on the dough being rolled from one direction and then rolled again from a 90 degrees angle. The pizza bases are initially rolled out on belt conveyors: then to transfer them, the end of the primary conveyor is retracted at about 1m/sec leaving the product momentarily in mid-air. Each base then remains level as it drops onto the conveyor below.

The speed of transfer is crucial: any variance and the soft dough is either stretched or drops unevenly and creases. The size, shape and thickness of the pizza base are all determining factors, so simple on-site programming and adjustment is essential.

Inmoco has based the solution on Smart Drive digital brushless servo drive with its own operator interface and an electric rodless actuator. Smart Drive has been engineered to fit an existing machine and provides the control solution. It is a single unit which incorporates a motion/controller, all digital brushless servo drives, I/O, AC input power and an operator interface. The control program is easily modified on the integrated keypad or from a PC.

A rodless actuator complete with brushless servo motor provides the actuation solution. The carriage belt is driven internally by single piece helical gears. The conveyor operates on a 20sec cycle in three shifts over 24 hours at 1m/sec and a 39kg load. With an actuator repeatability of 0.1mm the consistency is guaranteed and three experienced employees have been able to move to new tasks.

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