Producing an attractive swirl to the product

A four-up system, PLC-controlled machine, Flex-E-Fill, has been introduced by Polar Cup. It features a new concept in filling, lifting and spinning the container to ensure smooth delivery and filling of cartons and pots of all sizes and shapes with chilled desserts, dairy products, ice creams and yellow fats.

To provide the rotary spin solution, overcoming the inherent problems of reliability and ensuring better hygiene than previous mechanical techniques, eight Atlas Copco air motors have been specified. These enable the machine to comfortably handle up to 90 cartons/min handling a variety of foodstuffs, such as yoghurt, mousse, pickles, creams and salad dressings.

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential. Electric motors had previously been used, but failed to meet the standards of cleanliness expected. Using the LZB33RL A007 air motor, performance has been improved.

The motor was developed to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in applications where high levels of moisture are present due to the process and cleaning, and sterilisation temperatures can reach 130 C.

Made entirely from stainless steel the motors have a ‘clean’ design, with no crevices where impurities can collect, lubrication free, while offering a torque of up to 0.38kW, representing 11Nm and a speed of 320rpm, at an air consumption level of just 8.3l/s at full power.

The air motor is used to rotate the cartons as they are being filled, ensuring that all air is expelled and a swirl is left on the products such as mousse and cream desserts. Another benefit is that flow and stirring rates are more easily controlled.

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