Program generates arbitrary waveforms

Waveform Manager Plus, from Thurlby Thandar Instruments, is a Windows based program for the creation, editing, translation and management of waveforms. It can be used with any of the company’s range of arbitrary waveform generation products.

The program incorporates a suite of tools for waveform creation and editing, including standard waveforms, mathematical expressions and freehand drawing. Virtually any waveform can be created using combinations of these tools.

A mathematical expression editor allows geometric, logarithmic and pulse functions to be combined to create exact representations of complex signals. Different expressions can be used for different sections of a waveform, and can be combined with imported waveforms or drawn waveforms where mathematical representation is not possible.

Waveform Manager Plus can import and display waveform files from popular digital storage oscilloscopes. It can then translate the data into a format suitable for use with other arbitrary waveform generators. Imported waveforms can be manipulated in the same manner as waveforms created within the program. They can also be downloaded back to the oscilloscope from which they were uploaded for use as reference waveforms.

Waveforms can be organised into projects, allowing libraries to be created. Waveforms that were created mathematically retain their formulae, enabling them to be rapidly modified when they are re-used.

Waveform Manager is supplied complete with an RS-232 connection cable, and costs £195 (plus VAT).

Tel: 01480 412451