Protecting operators from panty-hose yarn

The yarn used in panty-hose is extremely strong and resistant to breakage so if a jam in a machine were to cause the yarn to stretch to breaking point and then snap, there would be a risk of injury to the machine operator.

Detexomat Machinery, Hosiery Division, therefore, is building British Autogard 200 series torque limiters into every one of its panty-hose manufacturing machines for reasons of safety as well as for protecting the machines from damage in the event of a jam. Should the yarn jam, the torque limiter disengages and relieves the tension on the yarn long before there is any risk of breaking.

At least 2500 torque limiters have been used in the Speedomatic HS Mk 4 toe closing machines and in the Auto-Gusset machines.

The British Autogard 200 series is a range of six different torque limiters for a wide range of applications. Each limiter is adjustable to disengage at a torque level specified by the user and disengages completely when the torque on the shaft in which it is installed reaches that limit. Re-engagement can be automatic, manual or timed and there are various coupling options, including pulley, sprocket and flexible couplings. They are available for torques in the range from 0.56Nm to 565,000Nm.

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