Prototype paste brings time and cost savings

French company Axson has developed an extrudable epoxy paste that offers high speed, versatility and material savings for prototype modelling applications.

Available in the UK through Amber Composites, the Axson SC261 is intended for applications involving a large number of prototype models with a larger surface area.

The new process brings major advantages in simplicity, speed and quality. The extrusion machine feeds a 1:1 resin-hardener mix directly to a variable flow manual application nozzle. There is no lengthy setup procedure, and the product components come ready to use in 200kg drums. The SC261 process requires just a single application (50 to 60mm thick) of resin on a polystyrene preform, or even on chipboard on wooden boards, forming a hollow body for milling. This makes for substantial material savings and fast modelling times, since the resin hardens in 24 hours at ambient temperature.

Because of its dimensional and thixotropic properties (which allow adhesion to vertical walls), SC261 is suitable for modelling complex shapes. Models in SC261 have high dimensional stability and a homogenous surface quality with no porosites.

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