Five new materials for rapid prototyping are being introduced at Manufacturing Week by DTM on Stand 4634.

The first, DuPont Somos 201, is an elastomeric polymer that produces highly flexible parts with outstanding `rubber-like’ characteristics. It enables designers to develop functional prototypes such as gaskets, seals and mouldings.

VeriForm Polymer is said to be a significant advance over the company’s existing nylon family of materials. While it has the same toughness, strength and durability of them its key advantages lie in the quality of the surface finish, powder recyclability and fine feature definition. It is capable of exhibiting a surface finish like that of the final injection moulded plastic product.

There is a new version of the fine nylon rapid prototyping material Fine nylon MG (Medical Grade). It has been approved for use in demanding medical device applications. A major advantage this material has over other rapid prototyping materials used in medical applications, is that the prototype can be sterilised in a common autoclave.

A second sand material SandForm Si (silica) has been added to the product range. It has been developed for the production of moulds and cores for the sand-casting process and does away with wooden models and core boxes.

Finally an improved RapidSteel material has been added which shortens the RapidTool process even further. The RapidTool LR (Long Run) process produces copper infiltrated tool inserts for the production of up to 50,000 parts by plastic injection moulding and up to 1000 by metal die casting. With the new material the polymer infiltration step can be eliminated.

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