Proximity range is expanded

Two new additions to the Allen-Bradley range of WorldProx inductive proximity sensors are now available from Rockwell Automation.

Bulletin 872C Complementary Output WorldProx sensors are 4-wire versions that provide two outputs simultaneously – one normally open and one normally closed – upon sensing a metal target. They are available with cable or quick-disconnect connectors and come into their own when one load must be turned on and a second load turned off in response to the same event.

Also new to the range is the 872C QuadroPlex 2-wire DC sensor. This provides normally open, normally closed, sourcing or sinking output based on the wiring configuration. By combining four sensors into one, the new 872C QuadroPlex WorldProx offers optimum flexibility and reduces the inventory required to address a wide variety of applications.

They are available in 12, 18 and 30mm diameters and are protected against transient noise, false pulse, short circuit, overload and reverse polarity.


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