Prysmian reduces production waste

Italian cable manufacturer, Prysmian, has undertaken a range of initiatives to reduce its energy use, carbon emissions and production waste at its UK facilities.

The group has been monitoring its energy consumption at its British sites and claims that in the past two years it has reduced its waste tonnage sent to landfill by 25 per cent. This has been done through the introduction of dedicated equipment for the collection and recycling of specific materials as well as re-granulation and reuse of polymeric compounds.

The company also claims that the introduction of initiatives such as its free-phone drum collection service and the reuse of collected drums have reduced packaging requirements by 36 per cent over three years.

Julie Mould, Prysmian marketing manager, said: ‘Our customers are increasingly being asked to consider the environmental practices of partners throughout the supply chain.

‘Prysmian has a long track record of continuous improvement in this area and is the only UK cable manufacturer to set out a clear statement of its environmental commitment. In doing this we have also been able to align our endeavours with those of both customers and suppliers.

‘As a vital link in the supply chain, the company takes every action to ensure it meets its responsibility to the industry as a whole.’