Psion links up for net mobility

Symbian, the telecoms consortium comprising Psion, Ericsson, Matsushita, Motorola and Nokia, has signed a joint development agreement with IBM, the world’s largest information technology company, to create wireless enterprise applications for Symbian-based smartphones and communicators.

This new application will give mobile users real-time access to web and corporate data, and for the first time allow them to continue to work with this information off-line, without the need for a continuous network connection.

Today’s browser phones require users to stay on-line to access data, send and receive e-mails or buy and sell stock. By combining IBM’s enterprise software and Symbian’s open technology, users will be able to work either off or on-line.

Psion’s shares rose dramatically on news of the agreement, gaining 19% in value to £43.87, valuing the group at £3.4bn.