Pump up your savings

BOC Edwards has added two new models to its GV Drystar range of dry industrial vacuum pumps. GV260M and GV410M complete a series which the company says offers high capacity, ‘fit-and-forget’ vacuum pumping with none of the process contamination risks or high maintenance requirements associated with oil-sealed technology.

GV Drystar pumps are said to be ideal for applications such as metallurgical processes or tank evacuation. Proven claw technology, with a built-in roots mechanism, facilitates high speed evacuation down to an ultimate vacuum of 5 x 10-2mbar. As a result, time to cross-over pressure is reduced and pump-down is faster.

GV260M and GV410M offer nominal peak pump capacities of 260 and 410m3/hour respectively. The GV600M, launched earlier in the year, is the largest pump in the series offering 560m3/hour peak. GV Drystar uses less energy than other dry pumping technologies, and offers power cost savings up to £2,500 per annum.BOC Edwards.

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