Pumps in tandem for crop spraying

Crop spraying equipment destined for Germany utilises a tandem pump arrangement to provide a separate power source for ancillary equipment.

The self-propelled crop spraying equipment manufactured by L W Househam spans a range of chassis sizes from 100 to 200hp. The vehicle design features a front mounted cab, mid-mounted engine arrangement, and a rear mounted sprayer, with a boom up to 24m in length.

The tandem pump arrangement is required to pass stringent German TuV legislation. It utilises a Sauer-Sundstrand 130cc Series 90 pump for hydrostatic drive, coupled to a 55cc unit for provision of air assisted spraying functions.

The Series 90 axial piston pumps, central to the sprayer’s hydrostatic transmission system are of either 100cc and 130cc capacity. Available in seven sizes from 42cm3 to 250cm3, speeds of up to 5000rpm and pressures up to 480bar can be achieved.

Benefits are said to include reliability and performance, a wide range of product configurations for manual, hydraulic and electrical controls, and a compact lightweight design.

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