Pure source of mains power

From the 1st January 2001, new EMI legislation will require the measurement of the harmonic current produced by all electronic and electrical equipment. Compliance will be a mandatory part of CE marking.

Compliance quality measurements under the new standard requires that the source supply provides a pure voltage waveform to the equipment under test.

The AC1000 from TTi has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is a 1kW low-distortion AC power supply designed to provide a pure source of mains power for the measurement of current waveform harmonics.

The AC1000 is rated at up to 1000VA for 230V operation. It has a continuous current rating of 4.4A and a peak current rating of 10A. In contrast to products that use a passive filtering approach, the AC1000 actively corrects the AC supply to produce a harmonically pure output.

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