Pursuit chases fire safety market

Pursuit Dynamics, the UK company developing new steam-based fluid processing systems, claimed its technology is well placed to make breakthroughs in a range of industries.

The Hertfordshire-based company, which has just launched an integrated processing system aimed at the food industry, said sectors ranging from paper production to fire safety are also firmly on its radar.

Pursuit’s PDX technology uses steam to generate a supersonic energy ‘shockwave’ that it claims can be harnessed to transport or mix material more efficiently than existing alternatives.

The company this week announced a 2004 loss after tax of £1.9m, a bigger deficit than in 2003, which Pursuit said reflected the extra investment required to bring its technology to commercialisation.

Highlights of the last year include the adoption of PDX by Welcome Food Ingredients and Coca-Cola, and the launch of the PDX Sonic 25 food processing system.

John Heathcote, chief executive, said: ‘With the help of potential customers we are currently supporting pre-production trials of the PDX system in the paper and brewing industries. These will conclude in 2005, and if successful will result in the roll-out of new products later in the year.’

According to Heathcote, one particularly promising potential application for PDX is the fire safety industry. The company has completed a one-year development programme of a PDX-based system called FireMist, which it claimed produced smaller water droplets in greater volume than other fire protection products. The project culminated in successful live trials in Sweden at the end of last year, said Heathcote, who claimed FireMist had attracted the attention of OEMs and government agencies around the world.

Heathcote said Pursuit was also establishing an international distribution network to help it make progress in the various industries it has identified as promising.