Pursuit wins Basilisk contract

Pursuit Dynamics has signed a contract with a US government prime contractor to provide services using its PDX Basilisk technology in the development of a system for a US Department of Defense programme.

The contract is worth $185,000 to Huntingdon-headquartered Pursuit but this will rise to $540,000 if the contractor exercises options to continue with the development programme.

John Heathcote, CEO of Pursuit Dynamics said: ‘We are delighted to win this contract. We are precluded from discussing details of the contract but look forward to updating shareholders when we can.’

Pursuit Dynamics’ Basilisk mist delivery system has applications in military and commercial decontamination arenas. It produces super fine droplets within a continuous high flux turbulent flow for airborne and surface decontamination applications. The technology is capable of delivering a wide range of materials, including liquid, slurry, powders or polymers.