Put faith in engineers

What a dismal and uninspiring view of the future Martin Rodger has.

What a dismal and uninspiring view of the future Martin Rodger has (Letters, 23 April).

Almost (but not quite) within living memory it was predicted that the streets of London would be knee-deep in horse dung if something was not done about the high level of horse-drawn vehicles. But it was proved wrong and engineering ingenuity gave us the fix in the form of the internal combustion engine.

Yes, it does have a pollution problem but there are thousands of engineers worldwide all working towards a solution. I wonder how many worked on the horse dung ‘problem’ — the odd engineer with gardening as a hobby maybe?

Also, if we are to believe that global warming is being created by greenhouse gases, what do we make of the evidence of (among others) Prof Jeffrey Park of Yale University that carbon dioxide levels have been over five times higher than now?

Geological studies confirm that between 50 and 500 million years ago levels rose to over 2000 ppm — just a little higher than the present 360.

Unless I am living in a virtual world, the earth does appear to be still intact and rotating quite well.

Put your trust in engineers, the source of solutions for an ever-developing world. Armageddon? Bah, humbug!

Tony Oliver

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk