Putting on the PC

Wearable computers are marching towards the workplace, giving us a taste of working practices that one day we’ll take for granted.

Xybernaut Corporation’s Mobile Assistant IV illustrates perfectly how valuable this technology is destined to become. Consisting of a belt-worn computer, head mounted display with microphone and earphone, wrist mounted touch-screen and voice recognition software, the MA IV provides a platform for software systems in a variety of hands-free applications.

Recently, Xybernaut entered a co-marketing agreement with DCH Technology to work on wearable gas-detection systems. Fitted with DCH’s Universal Gas Detector, the Mobile Assistant was demonstrated measuring CO at the annual meeting of the US Hydrogen Association.

David Haberman – Chairman of DCH – said that the combined products provided real-time situational awareness in the inspection of ageing aircraft, bridges and railroads. “The DCH sensors make dangerous tasks like compressed gas inspections simpler and safer,” he said.