Putting parts on-line

Deere & Company has selected ProQuest Media Solutions to develop and manage its electronic parts project on a world-wide basis. The contract is valued at over $6 million.

Media Solutions will take over the publishing for Deere’s existing CD-ROM electronic parts catalogue, currently used by John Deere dealers. At the same time, it will develop a new Internet-based electronic parts catalogue that will be released to dealers starting in 2003. A newly-developed CD-ROM electronic parts catalogue will also be released next year.

Both the new and existing CD-ROM catalogues will be published until dealers are comfortable with the latest offerings, enabling them to easily migrate to the new system over a period of time.

More than one million parts related pages will be managed in the new system, with the new electronic catalogues servicing all four of Deere’s equipment divisions including agricultural equipment, commercial and consumer equipment, construction and forestry equipment and power systems.

At least 3,000 dealers, across North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia-Pacific, will benefit from the electronic catalogues which will be initially released in 8 languages.