PX409 High Accuracy Pressure Transducers

The PX409 series pressure transducers from Omega offer superior performance in a small 19mm diameter package.  The micro-machined silicon sensor has been proven to deliver premium accuracy (0.08%), exceptional temperature performance, and long term stability. The silicon sensor is protected by a 316 stainless steel diaphragm, which transfers pressure to the sensor by a thin film of silicon oil, giving a very fast response time of better than 1 millisecond. The PX409 series is ruggedized with a minimum of 3 x overpressure protection. Custom specifications are available for many parameters.  The 316 stainless steel construction and high accuracy make the PX409 series suitable for many oil and gas product applications, as well as the Aerospace, Test and Automation markets. Pressure ranges are available from a very low 0 to 25 millibar (10″ Water) up to 345 bar (5000 psig) with electrical outputs of 100mV, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA.

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