PXI switch

Automated test engineers now can create high-density switch systems in a single PXI chassis by using a PXI switch module from National Instruments combined with the company’s Switch Executive software.

“The combination of high-density 3U PXI switch modules, NI Switch Executive software and high-performance synchronised measurements brings engineers closer than ever to achieving the performance of large proprietary automated test equipment (ATE) systems with the industry-standard PXI platform,” said Tim Dehne, NI senior vice president of research and development.

The new NI PXI-2532 ultrahigh-density module offers 512 crosspoints – claimed to be the largest matrix density available for a single 3U PXI slot. With the new module, engineers can create an up to 4×2176 1-wire matrix in a single PXI chassis.

When used with the NI PXI-6653 multichassis synchronization module, it is possible to create hundreds of thousands of synchronized matrix crosspoints with the new module. In addition, engineers can increase test throughput with the switch’s scan rate of 2,000 crosspoints per second – more than double the scan rate of typical reed relay switches.

The PXI-2532 switch uses a patent-pending ceramic reed relay from MEDER electronic. The module offers more efficient ATE by combining the size and speed of MEDER’s CRR relay with the timing, triggering and relay count tracking of the NI hardware framework.

NI Switch Executive switch management software, can be integrated with all NI switches, including the new NI PXI-2532 switch, for faster system setup, design and maintenance. NI Switch Executive simplifies the configuration, management and automation of switch systems with a graphical configuration interface and an intuitive software interface for program development.

The software-assisted routing significantly reduces the time required to define and maintain high-channel-count and multimodule systems. For existing test systems and hybrid-platform systems, NI Switch Executive also can manage and control third-party switches through interchangeable virtual instrument (IVI) drivers.

The PXI-2532 switch and NI Switch Executive are suitable for applications in a variety of industries including military, aerospace and automotive.