Qantas increase 737-800 fleet

Boeing has received a $240 million order from Qantas Airways for four additional Boeing 737-800 aircraft to join its initial 737-800 fleet of 15.

Qantas Airways has ordered four additional Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aeroplanes to join its initial 737-800 fleet of 15.

The four new twinjets, due for delivery between May and July of next year, are worth approximately $240 million at list prices.

Since January, Qantas has introduced the 15 winglet-equipped Next-Generation 737-800s to Australian domestic routes alongside its existing fleet of 38 737s.

The four new aeroplanes will be fitted with 2.5-metre high winglets built in Melbourne by component manufacturer Hawker de Havilland, which also is the sole source of Boeing 737 ailerons and Krueger flaps.

The 737 is powered by new CFM56-7 engines produced by a joint venture of General Electric of the United States and SNECMA of France.