Qinetiq and ABSL to research soldier power

The MOD has awarded Qinetiq and ABSL Power Solutions a three-year, £5 million contract to develop portable power systems for the battlefield. The research will involve the team evaluating a broad range of candidate technology solutions and shortlisting two for further development.

The project’s two main requirements for power sources are a man-portable infantry power supply that delivers more energy than current equipment allows, and a large, high power system for other equipment.

“The strategic investment the MOD is making in this area will ensure the UK’s leading global position in portable power technology. It demonstrates the UK’s recognition of the importance of portable power and its role within the soldier system,” said John Cowley, ABSL’s Managing Director.

Andrew Sleigh, MD of Qinetiq’s defence business, said, “With the growing reliance on an array of electronic capabilities both on and off the battlefield, the need for efficient, high performance yet highly portable power supplies has never been more critical for the modern soldier. By working with ABSL and ourselves, the MOD has access to a real understanding of technologies and requirements, along with an ability and track record of integrating appropriate technologies into existing programmes.”

The project is part of the MOD’s Technology in the Supplier Base programme, which provides research facilities for industry, academia, and defence procurement agencies to develop military technologies with commercial potential.