Qinetiq researches tripwire detection

The Mobility IPT has awarded Qinetiq an 18 month contract worth over £800,000 to undertake further research into polarisation technology for portable trip wire detection devices

Trip and command wires are frequently found on conventional munitions, mines and many improvised explosive devices (IED’s) but are typically only a millimetre or less in diameter, so are extremely difficult to detect. This programme aims to develop an electro optic sensor then demonstrate its robustness and effectiveness in a wide variety of scenarios.

Previous MOD funded research carried out by Qinetiq had shown that the use of polarisation information in imaging systems could improve target detection. It can improve rates of detection in cluttered environments and overcome several forms of camouflage and concealment.

Qinetiq is working with Qioptiq, an independent manufacturer of military electro optic sensors, to put plans in place if mass production of a miniaturised sensor goes ahead.

Qinetiq has already developed a number of sensors to measure polarimetric signatures from the UV to the far infrared wavebands.