Qinetiq wins radar simulator contract

Qinetiq has won a £1.4m contract to develop a radar target simulator to emulate radar echoes from targets such as missiles, aircraft, small surface craft and submarine periscopes.

The contract includes provision for initial trials to evaluate interaction between the Radar Research Target Generator (RRTG) and the UK ARTIST (Advanced Radar Technology Integrated System Testbed) radar system. The RRTG will then be used to extensively test and evaluate the performance of ARTIST. The contract is due to be completed by December 2007 and be delivered two thirds of the way through the current ARTIST programme.

Qinetiq’s digital signal processing technology and Roke Manor Research’s analogue radio frequency hardware will be used in the RRTG development. In addition to testing ARTIST, the technology will be used for auditing, acceptance and through-life testing of in-service and future radar systems.

Development of the RRTG builds upon Qinetiq’s significant track record in maritime radar research. Working with industry partners, this has included MESAR (Multifunction Electronically Scanned Adaptive Radar) and the Sampson radar system.

The UK ARTIST programme is a MOD contract to build and assess a research demonstrator multi-function radar system to support the next generation of radar technologies. Operations in coastal waters and heavily cluttered environments beyond the 2010 time frame are increasingly becoming a concern. The ARTIST programme will help to address these future Royal Navy Anti-Air Warfare and Anti-Surface Warfare capability requirements.